This morning!

I woke up this morning, and I almost couldn’t remember what my morning ritual was… I sat there blankly for minutes… rubbing my eyes.. trying to remember what I usually did in the mornings. There was that one thing I had been doing since months. And then I couldn’t remember. 

Oh! I forgot to remember you.

It was funny, I thought I didn’t know how to do that, I didn’t realise I was capable of not missing you. And there I was not waking up to a feeling you had given me. There I was not waking up with a feeling you took away. There I was waking up not smiling to your name, not crying either. You meant nothing in that moment, just a faint memory, that stirs nothing in me no longer. 

It’s been years I have waited for your name to be just as ordinary as my name was to you. It took me years to earn this morning, and here I am not in love with you anymore, too..




Sometimes, I wish!

Sometimes I wish I could be a little kid again.

So when life gets tough I could always play pretend. 

I wanna go back to the time when fairy tales did exist, when santa did exist, when a prince on white horse did exist,

And my wishes were a long list.

When disney world was the best place to be,

When my mom and dad were the only closest to me.

When my biggest problem was learning to write my name.

People didn’t change and my friends were the same.

Everytime when I was sad or had a bad day,

I could just run to my mumma-papa and it would all be okay. 

I wanna go back to no hurt no pain; just laughter,

When everyone always lived happily ever after.